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About our gymnasium


Our gymnasium was opened in 1993 as a secondary comprehensive school specializing in learning foreign languages, subjects as dance, arts, music. It serves the 6-17 ages range. There are currently 1079 pupils on role. It`s situated in the residential area in the south-western part of Minsk. Our Gymnasium is the best platform for talented, sporty students and for students with musical, dance and theatrical abilities. Most of them participants of different clubs, play the musical instruments (piano, accordion, violin, saxophone) and the choir.  Our students represent their talents not only in Minsk but all across the country.

Our aims:

  • To provide the educational opportunities for each pupil to achieve his or her potential academically, creatively and socially.
  • To create an environment in which pupils feel confident and secure
  • To develop relationships with the community which will enhance the pupil`s ability to cope with the adult world.

We encourage commitment and excellence in all aspects of school life – academic, artistic, creative, sporting – and seek to enhance a considerate and positive attitude. The school values all pupils equally and recognizes that they can only reach their full potential there is a supportive partnership with pupils, parents, teachers and the community working together. Gymnasium is an “open school” and welcome visitors to see us at work or share in the life of the school. We offer a wide variety of activities and events when parents can join us to talk, watch or take part.

Gymnasium and community:

A school does exist alone. The link between school and community is vital and we are indebted to all who support us and share in the task of helping us educate our children to their full potential. Our gymnasium has maintained broad relationships with the Belarusian Linguistic University, Gymnasiums 1, 12, 41, 50 and the others. 


Our gymnasium provides a broad curriculum in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum which is appropriate to the needs of pupils. All pupils receive a full Record of Achievement on leaving gymnasium. Our educational establishment enjoys a good tradition of examination results.

Gymnasium discipline:

For effective learning to take place in our community, it is essential that here is mutual respect and agreed standards of acceptable behavior. Our aim is to promote the development of well - motivated self-discipline. Encouragement is given to show consideration courtesy and respect for other people and the environment at all times. A copy of the school code of conduct will be given to all new pupils or is obtainable from school on request.   

The pupils are forbidden to be under the influence of or to have in their possession any of the following items: tobacco, drugs, illegal substances. Boys and girls found with any of these items may be liable to expulsion. 

Verbal, psychological and all other forms of bulling will not be tolerated in the gymnasium. All such matters should be reported immediately to a member of staff.


Homework is an important part of the in-school learning programmer. It has set regularly according to a timetable. Homework provides an opportunity for developing independence and self-reliance and covers a wide variety of tasks. These may include individual research, reading, gathering information completing an assignment, learning or problem solving. We seek parental encouragement and support in making sure that pupils have the facilities and opportunities to work at home.     

Good behavior in class is vital and it is expected that all girls will treat teachers and one another with respect. Willingness to listen to others and show respect for their opinion is important. Efficient organization of their homework time and the meeting of deadlines is regarded as a priority for all girls.


Attendance at gymnasium throughout every school day is essential. Boys and girls should only be absent in case of illness or other urgent necessity. Parents should avoid arranging holidays in school time.

The school day at gymnasium begins at 8.30. All pupils should be in their form rooms by 8.20 a.m. Latecomers must inform their form-masters.

Extra-curricular activities:

Activities which take place outside the classroom are an important part of the gymnasium life. Pupils wishing to improve or to enrich their knowledge on some subjects have the opportunity to attend additional courses and clubs. Every year a scientific conference is held where pupils submit their research works on different subjects.Many years we co-operate with College from Hungary. Every year our students and teachers exchange knowledge and experience, get to know more about education system and organize a lot of cooperative activities.


The sporting programmer is very diverse, active and successful. It encourages team spirit and self-discipline. We are very proud of the success achieved by individuals and teams from gymnasium. All major sporting interests are catered from – Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming and Football.


There is a good tradition in the gymnasium which helps pupils to develop their skills and appreciation of the subject. A large number of instruments are available for pupils. Those who show any talent for music are encouraged to receive weekly lessons from the Music Support teachers. Pupils are also encouraged to join an after school activity – Choir, Guitar Club. Performances are given regularly both in and out of gymnasium. 

Eucational visits:

The gymnasium`s programmer includes many visits in to the local community as part of normal studies. Industry, Commerce, local services, museums, parks, theatres all provide excellent learning resources. Outdoors, indoors and other activities take place on a regular basis.


A wide range of educational, social and leisure events take place during the evening throughout the year. These involve children of all ages, parents, friends and local residents. The most important events for us are the Birthday of the Gymnasium, the meeting with graduated pupils and Pupil Award for academic achievements. Kids are awarded with a glass apple which is the symbol of our Gymnasium.

Gymnasium council:

Each year group has its own Council and pupil representatives from all years are invited to attend regular meetings to exchange ideas and information, discuss problems and plan events. 

Guidance and support:

Gymnasium receives the majority of its pupils from pre-gymnasium. Our relationship with it ensures that pupils entering Gymnasium are supported fully in the transfer. A carefully planned transition programmer operates in the year prior to the pupils joined the school.

Members of staff are representing the gymnasium work closely together to ensure that there is a common approach to the curriculum.

Requests for pupils to join our Gymnasium are also received from other arrears of Minsk. In all cases we ensure that such pupils have exactly the same programmer of entrance examinations as those from our school.

Throughout the studies all pupils receive Records of Achievement which recognize success, record progress and target arrears for further improvement. These are prepared by staff and cover all areas of school life – academic, social, sporting, creative and so on. The Record of Achievement also help to keep parents informed and together with regular meetings held with parents, pupils, tutors and subject teachers ensure a good working partnership.

The advice given to pupils to help them think about their future and plan their courses in Years 10 and 11 is considerable. An Upper School Staff help inform both pupils and parents of the courses available. This is followed by each pupil being interviewed individually by the tutor to make their final choice. Parents are of course invited to attend.

Pupils are given many opportunities to visit a variety of work environments and colleges and to meet and work with local employers and colleges staff who gives invaluable support.

 Parents are kept fully informed of the Guidance programmer and are welcome to participate.

Welcome to our gymnasium!!!


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