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What does ASPnet offer to pupils, teachers and schools?

  • New opportunities to improve the relevance of education content, develop participatory teaching methods and innovate educational resource material
  • Professional development and high motivation for teachers
  • Acquisition of problem-solving skills as well as a sense of responsibility and empowerment by working on concrete flagship projects
  • Contributing to national reforms and renewal of educational systems
  • Sharing and exchanging ideas and experiences worldwide and opportunities for school twinning and interschool solidarity 

ASPnet schools take part in many global projects and programmers: 

  1. UN and UNESCO ideals actions

Make oral magazines, wall newspapers, UN dates calendars, quizzes lessons about UN and UNESCO;

  1. Peace education

Established direct contacts between schools from different countries, personal contacts of students, study existing and create new educational programmers;

  1. Foreign cultures and traditions

Cultural youth exchanges, children`s art exhibitions, children`s open-air meetings;

  1. The culture of Belarus

Propagate the culture. Traditions and history of our country, organize folk group festivals, national holidays, theatrical performances;

  1. Languages of the world

Widen educational horizons through learning languages of the people of the world, investigations in the field of linguistics, conferences, seminars, quizzes, competitions; 

  1. AIDS prevention education

Education seminars, lectures, conferences “We are against HIV and AIDS”, smoking and alcohol dependence;

  1. Ecological education

Conferences, ecological actions, scientific researchers in the field of ecology;

  1. Mercy

Seminars, conferences, trainings, membership in world volunteer movement, participation of disabled children in educational projects;

  1. On child`s rights

Work shop on human and child`s rights aiming to improving educational level of schoolchildren in the sphere of child`s rights;

      10.  Leadership school

Trainings coursers and seminars for ASPnet schools coordinators.

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