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What is Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet)? 

Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) is the largest global network of schools worldwide involving some 9,900 schools in 181 countries. ASPnet has risen to the challenge of translating the United Nations (UN) and UNESCO ideals and priorities into improved learning through the conduct of effective projects and the production of innovative educational resource materials.

The main aim of ASPnet in 2017-2018 year:

“ASPnet  aims to promote quality education in pursuit of peace and sustainable development” (ASPnet Strategy 2014-2021) 

What are the goals of ASPnet in general?

  • Enable schools to become laboratories for innovation by developing and improving educational content, material and approaches in four main areas of study:
    • World concerns and the United Nations system
    • Human rights and democracy
    • Intercultural learning
    • Environmental protection
  • Encourage schools to conduct pilot and flagship projects reinforcing the four main principles of learning for the 21st century:
    • Learning to do
    • Learning to know
    • Learning to be
    • Learning to live together
  • Involve schools in a special partnership with UNESCO and the United Nations system to benefit from their resources

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